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I’m been making records as a musician since 2007 and as a producer/engineer since 2011. I’ve produced records out of studios, cabins, apartments, and farmhouses. In 2012, I co-created and produced a music web-series for WNYC (NPR) called “Barnburners”, where we filmed bands playing a live set in a barn. 

These days, I'm most at home in a proper studio, although I am never opposed to throwing my mobile rig in the car. I very much enjoy outside-the-box thinking and experimentation to help a band achieve sounds that fit their taste and style. I currently split my time between Brooklyn and New Paltz, NY. I do a lot of my recording at Seaside Lounge Recordings in South Slope, as well as in the Hudson Valley at places like The Building in Marlboro, NY.

I also enjoy sound mixing for film, and run a record label called Swell Records.