This month (January), Tica Douglas' first single, "The Same Thing" was released. It's the first single off of "Our Lady Star of the Sea, Help and Protect Us", Tica's debut on Team Love Records (available now for preorder on Vinyl & cassette!). Tica and I made this record together over a string of long, deep sessions this summer, in various locations in upstate New York and in Brooklyn. The record was the first time we took a crack at producing tracks with layers of guitars and vocals and all sorts of complex arrangements, while maintaining Tica's beloved, intimate sound. Tica and I had done both of their first two records together in a lot more of a whirlwind fashion, and we thought these songs wanted to be a part of a record with a different vibe. As a result, I think Tica's musical voice really shines on this one. Jonny Schenke mixed and mastered the record, and brought out both the raw immediacy we were going for, but also added some flourishes to existing arrangements. It's a thrill that it's coming out on Team Love Records, a label I've been a big fan of since they put out The Felice Brothers' debut record. A couple of more singles are gonna be dropping, with the record coming out in May!