Tica Douglas - "Our Lady Star of The Sea, Help and Protect Us",Team Love Records [Produced, Engineered] - First single: "The Same Thing" c/o Gold Flake Paint, Second via Line Of Best Fit

Jean Rohe - tba [Tracking Engineer]

Tiff Ortiz - tba [Tracking Engineer]

Nutshell - tba [Tracking Engineer]

Julia Anrather - tba [Producer, Engineering]

Ocean Music - tba [Recording]


Starcrossed Losers- Bind Us Anew [Produce/Engineered/Bass]

JK Lago - Over There, With The Over There EP [Produce, Engineered, Mixed] 

Polly Hi - Deceleration [co-produce] (write up in yvinyl)


Tica Douglas - Joey [co-produce, bass] (7.0 review on Pitchfork)

Double King - Night Fades [co-produce, co-engineer] (interview in Impose)

Tica Douglas - Summer Valentine [co-produce] (review oncokemachineglow.) 

Double King - Double King [co-produced] (write up in Paste Magazine)

Polly Hi - Polly Hi [Produce, Engineer, Mix] (write up on Rawkblog)